The daugthers of Flash.




Morgana is the first filly of Flash and Chayen. A nice spotted bay tobiano mare, born may 28 2004.
She is sold to Eagles Ranch on Texel.


Loky is the 2e filly of  Flash and Chayen. She is born at the Eagles Ranch may 10 2005 and has no spots.

Olena is the 3e daughter Flash, this time Bueno Olena is the mother.
Bueno came here pregnant of Oliver, got 2 filly's from Flash and is sold pregnant to the VS-Estate in Egmond Binnen. She moved there together with her daughter Bridget to be the start of the paint-breeding there.

Oliver is born april 21 2005. He is gray tobiano and a son of Bueno Olena and Dakotas Royal Raven. He stayed with us till his 4th year, but because I have really no time for 3 horses I had to sell hem. He is sold to Simone en Maarten and moved to a western stable in Woudenberg. Simone, Maarten, I wish you all the best with this super horse.  

Bridget is the 4e daughter of Flash and the 3e filly of  Bueno

The 5e filly of  Flash is also a mar, She is also spotted and looks like her mom, but I have no pictures of her.

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