Our first litter of  Munchkins was with Kiny (Crearwy Ceindrich) en Binky (Big Boy Binky of Bosbengels)

Kiny and her daughters, Adora en Aimee.
Kiny had no simple birth. On the day she was expected nothing happened. Next day she lost some sticky fluid, but it stopped and nothing happened. The day after that she again gave fluid, but no contractions. I called the vet and at first he wanted to give her more time, but later he called back and said me to come to the clinic. The vet gave her something to get contractions and they started almost immediatly, but no kitttens, just a tail (!) And Kiny was screaming....
So they decided to go for c-section.
The first kitten (a standard male) was dead, but the 2 females could be saved. They were non standards.
Kiny is neutered the same time. Rather soon I could take Kiny and her daughters back home. I had to give the kittens tube feeding, but next morning around koffietime the milk started. When we got home Kiny was still a bit sleepy and didn't seem to untherstand what those creepy little things were. but with the milk the mother feelings came too and she turned into a very clean and protective mommy. She got help from Esprit, which we had to watch carefully, cause she tried to push Kiny away from the kittens. Later she behaved better and there were no problems anymore. Iris was a bit scared for the little kittens, but when they started to walk she discovered the fun of them and became a playful aunt.
Big Boy Binky of Bosbengels
This is the picture of Binky, the father of this litter. Binky stayed with us march 12 and13 2007 to mate with Kiny and he is a very sweet, distinctive personality. He loves attention and cuddling. Binky was a real gentlemen to all the females in the house and a carefull lover for Kiny. Binky's father is a red persian and his mother is a siamese. He looked like a snowshoe, but had wonderballs and gave 2 daugthers with totally different colors. But he gave them a bit of his sweet caracter and that was very important.