kittens Iris

In the night of september 9 til 10 2008  Iris gave birth to 2 wonderfull kittens. The first is a son of 102 gram, the 2e is a daughter of 109 gram. Iris did it all without help and laid proud and satisfied purring in her basket afterwards.
The little male is silver in his face and has a lot of little stripes on his paws, I hope he will get just as beautifull as his father, the female seems to be much darker and the stripes are less clear. Maybe she gets smoked like her mom. I find it very hard to see it right now.
The male will be named Charming Chance van de Bosbengels, the female Ma Cherie van de Bosbengels. We'll probably keep the female, I hope she will be a silver in stead of a smoked. Otherwise Iris will go to Change again....will that be okay Ria....

It is now 2009 and as always things turned out different as I hoped. A few days after the birth of thes 2 great kittens Iris got sneezing disease. Iris herself recovered quickly, but both kittens got ill too. the female kitten died despite our care, the male survived, but had a hard time. Finally Chance developed into a sweet but naughty little male wich likes to lie on your shoulders, but is of sneezing. He got a nice  thick fur, black smoked with a big white tip.

Charming Chance van de Bosbengels