Flash is my favourite.

He is not only very beautifull painted, but also very gentle.

He loves attention and he loves it when you cuddle him. He's alway's doing the best he can when I ride on him.

I used to ride recreative and I do everything with him. We ride ouside in the forrest, I have dressage lessons and I also ride him in sidesaddle. And he walks in front of the carriage. He likes everything. Even though he's a real stallion and father of 5 daugthers and a son, he works without any problem between the mares. Okay, he gets a bit talkative when there are mares in heat, but I think thats unterstandable. When we meet other horser in the forrest he passes them with long reins. Perfect.

I bought him from his breeder at the age of 3 jyears old.He was just broken in for western riding and as a real dressage rider that was quite a change. But with help from a patient instructor the western riding went very well. But because I like dressage more I changed back to dressage and he likes that too. I hope to go on dressage competitions this winter with him. Maybe also in sidesaddle if everything goes well.

Pedigree: Klik here for his pedigree
Flash is born as JW Cutter Bill on May 16 1999.




Fellow is born as Leffert van de Hooiweg on June 07 2003.

It is a Friesian Stallion we bought him in 2007. He was raised with his breeder and learned as 3-year old to walk in front of a carriage. Afther that he was allowed to grow up the rest for the year and  then we bought him. Fellow is a bit a short squarded type of Friesian with good legs. He went to show as a filly and got good points, but never went to show for election of studhorse. We have no plans for that too, but if someone would like it he would be allowed for studservice

We started to train him for riding, only when the dressage is good we will try him for the carriage again. He likes the work and learns fast. We allready went to some competitions with him and he did very well.

Fellow is real friendly and careful horse. He finds every change around the stables a reason to investigate loudly sniffing, but won't run away from it. He is a total different personallity as Flash. But he also is a real sweatheart.  And very fond of cuddling too...

The two stallions walk free toghether...

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