Nice pictures and some stories

Just some pictures from the cats and how they live together...


Aunt Iris and aunt Esprit with Adora in between

Spring 2008, Yes !!!! The appartment of the males is ready. What a job it was...., making the cage, building up the appartment, painting it, making the net over it so they can't climb out....But now we have something.
We are very proud with it, but unfortionaly the males fight so we have to split it in two parts.
Till that's ready they can walk free on at the time. And they love it!
Now we are waiting untill the girls get in heat.

This was the garden in 2007....quite a change insn't it?!



Our Jojo was a gentlemen. He never bited, he never scrachted and he didn't steal from the table. Well, that is, hardly not. He would die for grilled chicken and turkey and once, when dinner was almost ready and I walked away to answer the phone, he stole a piece of turkey and ate it on the floor with his brother Arvid.... But normally he was always quitely waiting beside my plate untill I was finished my dinner and he could wash my desertcup.
When he got older he developed an enormous love for corn. Somethimes we ate that at the BBQ and then he got the cornchop with some left over on it. He loved it. But once, at his last summer, he behaved very naughty....We were eating and Jojo was sitting beside the plate of a frend, waiting for her cornchop. He was watching it impatiently and it took him too long. She'd allowed him to snif on it a few times and big hilarity when he tried to take a bite. Finally they were eating it together. Very wrong and absolutely nog hygenic, but for one time very funny.
Also because he was acting as if this absolutely normal for him......