Females of another breed



Cimybelle came into our house to breed cinnamon Munchkins and British Longhair. She has no pedigree, but we know her parents. We took her for her gentle caracter and her special color. She has the same color as Milton and we hope to get longhaired cinnamon kittens from her. She is born June 23 2008 out of a cinnamon British Longhair male and a wonderful black zilver British longhair mixed with Birman mother.

Bandhura Shardul's Katja

Kleur:  Black Zilver Tabby Blotched
Born:  May 05 2006
Mother: Bandhura Shardul's Bryana Anju, NCT 2003-7472
Father:   Bandhura Shardul's Devil Junior, NCT a 2004-7480
Registratienr.SBT 050506 099 , Stamboomnr.Limbra I06.bri.035.3

Katja is our British shorthair female. She has got allready 1 litter with Milton and she's the mother of Dinky Toy. Katja is a very sweet but shy cat. Because she feels easily treatened by the other cats, she is the only one who is allowed into our bedroom. She has been pregnant from Sir Byron van Jesterland, a beautifull British Longhair gentleman. They are both negative tested for Fiv/Felv/HCM and PKD. She got a very nice litter of 4 males and 1 female. The boys have found very nice homes and Hermelientje stay's with us to become our next breeder. Katja is spayed and lives now with our daughter. She has to share her house now with only 1 other cat, and she feels happy now.

Lovely Luna of Bosbengels

Kleur:  Black/White solid
Born: May 10 2007
Mother: unknown, black/white
Father:   unknown
Registratienr. 01T 100507 046

Luna is registered as Experimental Shorthair, so she is allowed to be used in the Munchkin breeding program. Luna was found together with her mother and 3 brothers and sisters in a small bag at the entrance of our animal hotel. We found good homes for her family, but Luna stayed and became mother of  5 kittens. Father is Milton. Luna is a big, independant female, who changed into a lapcat during her pregnancy. The bigger she grew, the more she liked my attention. She fits perfectly into our group of cats. Luna has got 1 litter from Milton. We kept her black and white daughter for breeding and Luna is spayed now. She keeps Milton company, so he's not longer living allone in his appartment in the garden.



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