Metal Miauw's Isis Natascha

Iris (official Metal Miauw’s Isis Natascha) is a black smoked/white female. Iris is a daughter of Metal Miauw’s Cleopatra Anne and Metal Miauw’s Io Pan Polaris. Iris is a small kitty, about 3,5 kg, and has a strong own will. She likes to be around, but she don't wants to be on your lap. Only when she gets in heat she comes as soon as she sees me sitting on the couch and wants to be cuddled. Then she can lay with you for hours with her belly up, hard purring.  She has a special sound of purring and when she makes that sound Adora comes running to see if there is milk. Iris is not the type who likes to go to show, so we never tried.

She was a bit scared for the litter of Kiny, but as soon as the kittens started to walk she became a loving aunt for them.

Iris was bred to Dakota Bonjovi of Shepperds Home, a blue silver blotched tabby/white male on januari 26 2008. From this combination came 1 kitten but it was suffering from a cleft palate and it had to be made asleep immediatly.. We ware al so sad and gave Benjami Bonjovi a nice place unther a red rose in the garden.

Because of Iris stayed "mothering" and had no other kittens to care for she is rather soon bred again, this time by Champion Change van Rinigé. From this combination came 2 kittens. To healthy kittens this time, but again we had bad luck. All cats got sneazing disease and also the kittens. Even though we started with tube feeding, the female died after a few days. the male kitten is named Charming Chance.  He is grown out to be a nice gentle male. He is neutered and stays with us.

Now that Iris has got 2 very small litters and this can be genetic we've decided to stop breeding with her. She is neutered and waits for someone to spend the rest of her live with. We were not in hurry to find her a new home and by the time now also her cousin Esprit is neutered. The two girls are raised together and like to sleep in each others paws, so we hope to find a home were they can go both.

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Iris, 4 weken oud.

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