SamBuzzSca's Esprit

Spriet (SambuzzCa’s Esprit) is a red/cream smoked/white female, She is a daughter of Metal Miauw’s BellaDonna and Feline Ilex Lion. BellaDonna (normally called Medusa) is a daughter of Metal Miauw’s Cleopatra Anne so she is a niece of Iris. She is only a few weeks younger as Iris, and they behave like sisters. They sleep in each others paws and wash each other oft. So sweet! Sprietje is a real outdoor cat. Especially when its raining or gets dark, she runs in and out to be outside and dry up with me. She got a nice fur and is a bit bigger as Iris. We would breed with her, but she went to 3 different males and none of them was able to make her pregnant. We don't know why.

Afther the last mating she got a pyometra and she is neutered. We are looking for a nice place were she can go to with her niece Iris. Untill that time she will stay in our livingroom and can play foster mother to all the kittens here....

Klik hier voor de stamboom van Spriet


een jong Espritje, lekker warm liggend op het aquarium

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