Crearwy Ceindrych
Kleur:  Black Ticked Torbie/White
Born: June 07 2002
Mother: Carismacats Tisiphone of Crearwy, A2T 042698 052
Father: Woodlandacre BC Windfire of Crearwy, B2P 091599 057
Registratienr.: A3N 060702 027

Kiny is born in the UK. She's a real Munchkin Lady. As small as she is with her short legs, Kiny rules the house. When Kiny lies down, nobody is allowed to come near her, even the big dobermann lies in front of his pillow, waiting till the lady likes to move. When she's on my lap, no other cat can come too, just laying asside me is allowed. If the dog thinks he can lay his head on my lap and the lady allready lies there she bites in his ear without any thought the dog is 10 times bigger as she is.......Kiny is a very talkative cat. Whole stories she can miauw when you come down from the bedroom or out of work. In 2007 Kiny got her first and only litter. She became the proud mom of 2 beautiful daughters, Adora en Aimee. Unfortunally the girls are both Non-Standard, wich means they have long legs. The Standard male was laying turned and was the reason the litter was born with a c-section. Kiny is neutered the same time..

Kiny is registered with Tica (The International Cat Fancy), I only know her father and mother.

Bosbengels Adora

Kleur:  Black Ticked Torbie/White
Boren:  May 15 2007
Mother: Crearwy Ceindrich, A3N 060702 027
Father:   Big Boy Binky of Bosbengels, 01T 041506 072
Registratienr.: A2P 051407 060  

Adora (Bosbengels Adora) is a daughter of Kiny. Her father Binky is a mix of a siamese mother and a red persian father. She's a Non-Standard Munchkin. Though she has no short legs and can not give this to her children, she can perfectly be used in the Munchkin breeding program. She's a real outdoor cat. Adora was the first of the cats who tried the cat door, even during the making of it, and comes in regulary wet and complaining about the rain. Just as talkative as her mom she's giving her opinion about everything you do...........

Adora got end of januari 2009 her first kitten. The father is Milton of course. Her name is Bosbengels Evita Adora.



Bosbengels Evita Adora

Kleur:  Black Classic Torbie/White
Born:  Januari 29 2009
Mother: Bosbengels Adora, A2P 051407 060
Father:   Munchkinlane Milton P Hershey, C0P 071302 018
Registratienr.: B3N 012909 013

Evita is a real daughter of Adora, she has an opinion about everything and controls everything you do. She loves the garden, but as soon as I'll work on my pc she needs to be on my lap. Can you imagine how glad I am she's accepting a place above it now too....????

GCH Munchkinlane S Alice of Bosbengels
Kleur:  Blue Classic Tabby/White
Born:  November 24 2007
Mother: Quadriple Grand Champion Munchkinlane Blair Wench of Creole, SBV 040106 045
Father:   Mackscats Fawntastic Enigma, SBV 011606 047
Registratienr. SBV 112407 016

Alice is a very beautifull little kitty that came from the USA. She has a special blue color and a special caracter. She has been the youngest for a long time and was boring all other cats. Especially running by a sleeping cat and quickly biting in a paw was her favourite game. She was hunted often in that period..... She was very happy when we bought Cimybelle. Together they race through the house and annoy the rest of the cats. At the beginning of november 2008 Alice went to show for the first time. She loved all the attention and may call herself GrandChampion now.

May 24 2009 she became mother of 3 very nice daughters. Father is -who else- Milton.


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