WeekittycityS Tigger of Bosbengels
Father:  Weekittycity Emerson  ( Red Ticked Tabby) COP 080205 065
Mother:  Justbecause Kalli of Weekittycity   B3P 010904 037
Hij is born April 28 2007

Tigger was supposed to become our second stud. Unfortiunatly he is tested positive for PKD and because he may not give this to his offspring he is neutered. Now he's looking for a nice new home as a pet. Untill that time he is living in the house now. He likes that very much and studies to be a lapcat. He's doing real fine and I am glad, but it so difficult typing now.......

Tigger found a new home with very sweet people and 1 other male cat. Two days afther they picked him up, I received pictures he allready was eating from the same bowl as the older cat, so I think he will be fine there....

Munchkinlane Milton P Hershey

Registratienr.: C0P 071302 018
Kleur Solid Cinnamon
Born: July 13 2002
Mother:  Munchkinlane's Swiss Miss  B3P 051201 003
Father:  Tuxntails Willie Wonka  B3P 062500 046

Milton has a very special color and has given allready a lot of beautifull kittens in the USA. His offspring travelled over the whole world and is living in the UK, France, Swiss, Spain and even in Russia. Also here in Holland he likes the ladies and he has some fine kittens here too. Milton has his own apartment with garden, next to the garden with his ladies. He's not allowed to come in the house cause he wants the whole world to smell he's there. But he likes his ladies to sit near him and he loves it when I sit in his cage and cuddle him.  He loves attention. He went to show now twice and has earned 1x the 10e place in an All Breed Special.

Milton is negative tested for Fiv/Felv/HCM en PKD.

Bosbengels Dinky Toy

Kleur: Red Classic Tabby
Born: December 24 2008
Mother: Bandhura Shardul's Katja, SBT 050506 099
Father:   Munchkinlane Milton P Hershey, C0P 071302 018
Registratienr. A0N 122408 007

Dinky Toy has the brave caracter from his father, but also the sweet behaviour of his mom. He is always friendly and as soon as you start talking to him he starts purring. He is also a bit shy and don't wants to be touched by strangers. But if nobody's around it he sleaps on my lap... Even though he's only 9 months old now, he made clear to Tigger he's lord of the house......As long as he behaves himself and keeps the room clean he can stay with us in the livingroom. We are anxious to see his offspring.

Our males are available for well vaccinated and fiv- en felv negative tested females. These don't have to be Munchkins, also domestic/european short- and longhair females are welcome.


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