Kittens Katja
In the night of december 23 till 24 2008, Katja gave birth to 7 kittens. She had a heavy night, but without any help she let the kittens come every half hour and washed them all before the next came. The first was a red/cream tabby ns male, then a cream/white ns male that would grow out to be a redpoint, afther those a black smoked ns male arrived. Then it was quiet a while and after 45 minutes came a blue tabby s female. I thought she was ready and felt asleep a while. when I woke up after 1 hour there were 2 red tabby males 1 ns and 1s arrived and half an hour later the last one came out, a lilac or fawn tabby s female. Very special color.
Katja is a born mother and gives excelent care to her children.
Unfortunatly 1 of the twin males had a cleft palate and was made asleep. It was a very sad surprise when 3 days later the blue female was found totally cold outside the box. I don't know why and what happened, but I was not able to warm her up and she died in my hands.
The others grew up very well and found good homes. DinkyToy, the red standard stays with us to give the sweet caracter of his mom to the next generation.