Kittens Adora
Adora delivered januari 29 only 1 daughter. The birth wouldn't start on the day I'd expected, so next day I went to the vet. First he made an echo, we heard clearly 1 heart beating, but nothing more. To be sure he made a röntgenpicture and this showed only one kitten. Cause of births with 1 kitten often give problems cause of the size of the kitten (it had al space and food to grow bigger as normal) and it's not pushed out by littermates, he decided to go for a c-section. I was so early and there were no problems, so the kitten came out alive and very healthy. It's a nice spotted non-standard female kitten with a weight of 110 grams. Adora recovered quick and without problems and is a very good mother.
Bosbengels Evita Adora will be her name and she stays to become mother of a new generation Munchkins.