The kittens of Luna and Milton

Friday afternoon, august 14 2009 Luna became restless and wouldn't allow me to leave her anymore. She would lie down in the box on the couch, but as soon as I moved to get something out of the kitchen she followed me.

At 19.30 the first contractions started, 20.30 the first kitten arrived and at 23.00 hours the last kitten was born. Luna did it very well, as soon as she felt something at her back she started licking at the kitten. With the first kitten it took a while before the (how do you call the meat wich feeded the kitten inside the belly?, de direct translation is ) aftherbirth came and she had plenty of time to clean the kitten. With the following kittens it came so soon we splitted the job. I helped the kitten to clear the nose and to be able to breath, she was eating. Cleaning up the kittens was not so important she thinks, but she is very careful with them.

Now that there are so much it is easy to see what is what. The first one is a standard female, the second a non-standard female, the fourth is a standard male, the fifth is a non-standard male and they are all black with some small white marks. The third one is a black and white standard female.


The small white marks and the few white hairs on the paws and belly's makes it simple to recognize them when I control the weights. They grow very well and drink as much as they can with mommy. Luna is a very protective mom who stays with her children as much as she can. but she's also very clean, so she won't use the toilet in the cage but prefers to walk to one of the other toilets in the livingroom.

Funny, all my females started to develop their own specialties and strange habbits when they were pregnant. Katja was moving her litter every night, I had to search the whole bedroom every morning to find her and her kittens, Alice was in desparate need for cheese during her pregnancy, she stole it  from your bread when you were not paying attention. Now that she's almost not feeding anymore she doesn't come for her cheese neither. And Luna is extremely clean. Katja never left her kittens a minute before they could walk, Alice left them as soon as possible but came immediatly back with every little scream from the box to feed them and Luna only wants to strech her legs a few times a day.



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