Alice was bred by Milton in march 2009. 64 Days afther the first mating the kittens were born.

Sundaymorning May 24 2009 at 8.00 hours came the first contractions and 11.30 there were 3 beautifull kittens laying satisfied drinking with their mommy.

Alice was allready a few days restless, felt herself easily hunted by the other cats with her big belly and wanted to come with me to the bedroom above. She loved to have all my attention for her allone, but she wouldn't stay there on her own. As soon as I went back downstairs she came with me.  In the night from saterday till sunday she was calm, but sunday morning she started digging in her box. I had to stay with her, she followed me miauwing even if I went to the toilet. At 8.00 hours the first contractions came, soon came the first kitten. As confused and a bit scared as Alice was when the contractions began, as soon as the first kitten was out she changed into a real mom. Her instincts took over and she new exactly what to do. She cleaned and washed the kitten and allowed it to drink. Half an hour later the second kitten came and around 11 o'Álock the third kitten arrived. Alice needed only my companion to feel safe and supported, but she is a born mommy.

Now that the kittens are still so small I don't want to touch them so much, but it seems the first one is a cinnamon/white standard female, the second is a non-standard cream or point and the third is a standard cinnamon male.

Here the first pictures:


Alice in de werpdoos

20-8-09 Fun! it are tree females, but it took till the age of 9 weeks untill the vet was sure....The girls grew up to be very nice females. Bosbengels Fiona will llive with Marleen and will go to show for at least 2 times. She is a cinnamon/white tabby. Bosbengels Fantasy grew out to be a  cinnamon point and she will accompany Fiona to her new hom untill the kitten of Luna is old enough to take her place. Then she comes back. Bosbengels Frederica is a cinnamon classic tabby and she will move to Germany and live with Diana.

Here more pictures from the kittens when they grew up.


nog even bij mama aan de tap


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