Cattery de Bosbengels

Were dit you get that name?

Long ago I bought my first cat with a pedigree. A very beautiful Norwegian Forrestcat, named Asha av Skogalund.
When she was 2 years old, I wanted to have kittens from her, and when I told this to a frend she called out "Oh wat a fun, then you get Baby Bos Bengels "
! I liked the alliteration of that name so much, so I asked that name for catteryname and later also for kennelname. Just in cause I'll ever want to get puppies.....
But at this moment we have no plans for breeding with dogs.
And now that we are living in the forrest, the name fits even better

English speaking people think that Bosbengels has something to do with Bengalcats, but that's a big mistake. We have no Bengalcats in the house, but the translation of bos is forrest and bengel is the dutch word for rascal.


Who we are?

We are Mirjam en André Harms-Riecker. We have a son and a daughter. André likes to give dogtraining in his spare time and is training obedience and agility with his kelpie Doodoo. I used to train obedience with my dobermannpincher Zeven, but he died in 2008 and up till now I'll concentrate on the cats. Timmie, the labrador, is retired. Together we'll breed and show Munchkins and British Longhaircats so we made our house and garden "catproof". The garden is one big cage, so the cats can play outside without getting in danger or been stolen.

We also have 1 American Painthorse and 1 Friesian stallion to ride on and some sheaps to keep the gras short. As you see, a lot of animals around us.
But that's not so strange as you know we are living in the middle of the forrest and we have an animalhotel, Dierenhotel Campingkennels, in Soest/ The Netherlands.